English Central

Age : 16-20+ /  Type : English

The vision behind EnglishCentral is that learning English be as engaging as watching videos on YouTube.
People love YouTube because they watch a two-minute clip and 30 minutes later they are still engaged.
The same happens with EnglishCentral.

EnglishCentral is the leading provider of online English conversation solutions.
Its platform combines the web’s best English videos, its proprietary IntelliSpeech assessment technology,
an adaptive vocabulary learning system and live tutors, delivered seamlessly over web and mobile.

Follow the 4 learning steps with English Central’s
Platinum plan and help level up the 4 core English skills.

A library of the over 10,000 video lessons created from trending videos and courses 
from National Geographic, TED, Cambridge University Press

Every video has been semantically tagged with in-context defnitions creating
a unique learner's dictionarywith over 200,000 video definitions

Users get Instant feedback on their pronunciation and fluency versus speakers using
a proprietary speech engine trained on over 300,000,000 utterances

Platfrom integrates seamlessly with live 1 on 1 tutoring designed around each video.
Tutoring includes LevelTest and LevelUp Guarantee 

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