Age : 6-12 /  Type : Mathematics

World's Best Maths Learning Method

As the most successful curriculum in the world according to global authority, Singapore Maths uses Model Method to help your child:
  • Easily visualises word problems
  • Quickly breaks down complex concepts
  • Simply boosts your child's confidence
  • Effectively improves test scores

    Professional Animated Video Explanations

Professionally produced animations help your child understand math concepts 
10 times faster than any other static forms of explanations.

Is Your Child Prepared for Learning?

Learning maths has never been so easy, quick and fun for your child.

  • Proven Maths Learning Method

The Model Method is highly recommended by educators worldwide because it helps pupils understand maths questions clearly and solve word problems effectively.

  • Question Breakdown&Walkthrough

KooBits breaks down the question and provides a walk-through through the entire solving process with video tutorials, so your child knows exactly what to do and feels confident implementing every step.

  • Learning with Daily Practices

Besides unlimited access, your child will receive personalised questions suitable for their strength and weakness to encourage a regular practice and build a good learning habit every day.



Unlimited access through Web browser on desktop computer, Mac, iPad, Android tablet or any digital device 
with Internet connection from anywhere anytime as you like.

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