lingua attack

Age : 16-20+ /  Type : English

Lingua Attack
Learn languages with movie clips and games.

Get motivated and make rapid progress. Authentic video clips enable you to learn languages the way they are actually spoken today. And thanks to our games, you’ll retain and deepen your acquired language skills, at your own pace, in a very enjoyable way.

Lingua attack's innovative pedagogical approach immerses you in a foreign language the way it’s actually spoken in everyday life. Our fun interactive exercises keep you motivated day after day. For rapid progress, our exercises are adapted to each learner’s level.

Video Boosters

Video Boosters totally transform language learning.
Learning a new language with the help of videos would seem obvious, wouldn’t it?
Developed by language teachers, Video Boosters enable you to develop your language skills with video-based exercises comprising seven interactive lesson steps. With over 1,500 learning units based on clips from movies, TV series, music videos and television news items, you’ll always find something new with which to practice.

Visual Dictionaries

Lingua Attack features the largest available library of visual dictionaries designed for language learners. Categorized by topic, each dictionary consists of 16 terms or expressions, each with its illustration, definition, translation, lexical category, and use in a sample sentence. Called Photo Vocabs, these dictionaries are a fun and effective way to discover new vocabulary. With over 5,000 defined terms, you’ll always find a topic of interest.


Games enable optimal retention of learned items. Practice new expressions seen in video exercises and visual dictionaries, or develop your mastery of irregular verbs. Our range of language games will enable you to easily reach the frequency of exposure to memorize what you have just learned.

Level Assessment Tests

The Lingua Attack level assessment tests evaluate your proficiency in a language according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Once you have created your account, you can take our evaluation test to establish your initial level of proficiency. You’ll then have the opportunity to take further tests enabling you to measure your progress on a regular basis.

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