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Age : 15+ /  Type : English

Social Learning Platform and English Language Courses


What is Learn Social?

Learn Social is a web browser-based platform which has been developed for English language learners by Learn Social Ltd.
The Learn Social platform offers many different English language courses with content targeted at 16-24 year olds.

How is Learn Social different?

Learn Social recognizes that learning a language is about being able to communicate.
Your students need to be able to take theirknowledge of English and use it in real interaction and communication

Most platforms for language learners provide interactive exercises which work well for grammar, vocabulary and listening
or reading comprehension. But what about speaking and writing? Computer programs cannot assess those skills.
Learn Social has the answer.

Learn Social has all the activities your students need PLUS social media tools to allow communication between
students and between a student and their teacher.

How does it work?

Whenever students have to complete a speaking or writing exercise, they first submit their work to their Study Group for review.
Students can see one another’s answers and give feedback. Students can improve their answers before submitting them to the

What are the benefits of Social Learning?

Social Learning involves peer review which is motivating for students and produces better results.

If you are interested to take Learn Social course with Cloudberry Learning,
please contact K. Sutthisa (Mobile:
097-948-2393, LINE ID: 086786969
) for more information.


Key Features

Learn Social Courses

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